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Tips on Kegerators and Home Draught Beer Machines

Draft beer dispensers are great substitutes for standard refrigerators when it comes to chilling beers and other types of beverages. They are also known as kegerators or keg refrigerators. They come with a cold storage, tap units, and pressure tank. Instead of storing dozens of bottles and cans of beverages which can hardly fit inside a regular refrigerator the night before the party, it is best to just store a keg or more inside a kegerator. That way, there's more room inside the refrigerator for other things that also needs to be chilled and kept fresh.
Having kegerators during a parties or gatherings ensures that there's always plenty supplies of good cold beers around. With a tap right just at the corner of the bar, servers will be able to provide quick service to every guest at a party. Warm beer will be just a thing of the past. Another good thing about them is that hosts will no linger have to worry about strewn beer bottles and cans all over the place. He nce, at the end of the night, they still got clean carpets, curtains, and sofas.
Kegerators can also come in different styles and designs. Some have taps just above the unit while others have the taps right at one side. There are also units that are specially designed for large servings such as those with multiple taps and multiple keg storage. While on the other hand, there are also other units specifically designed for home use only. These units are much simpler and easier to install. They can come with a single tap and a single storage refrigerator unit.
A freestanding kegerator is best suited for larger occasions where a huge crowd of guests will be expected. These units can have several storage areas for chilling a number of kegs at the same time. Then they also come with multiple taps to serve different kinds of beers to guests. Counter-top kegerators are more like for home use. Individual or small group beer drinkers will find some great use for them. Both kegerators are very easy to maintain. As long as the tanks are within the safe range, it is sure to provide the best tasting cold beer for a very long time.
For great drinking experience with friends, relatives, and family, draft beer dispensers can make each every moment count. They are hassle free units that serve the best tasting cold beers.
You can enjoy ice cold beer at home with draft beer dispensers.

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German Beers in the USA Craft Beer Industry

When most people think of beer history, Germany is pretty close to the top of the list. That's natural. After all, it's hard to find a country with a richer beer heritage than Germany. The nation has claimed preeminence in brewing and beer purity for centuries. In fact, the nation has become pretty much synonymous with flavorful beer styles (unlike America, where watery beer has long dominated).
However, things are changing for Germany and they might not be able to lay claim to the "king of beer" crown for much longer. In fact, if current trends continue, they might just have to look to other nations to help bolster sales of their brews - those that have traditionally been enjoyed by drinkers within their own borders. What's going on in Germany?
Less Beer Drinking
The single most disturbing trend for German brewers is the fact that Germans are drinking less beer every year. In a country where beer was once prescribed for nursing mothers, that's certai nly a dramatic shift. 2002 saw an average consumption of 122 liters per person. By 2010, that number had dropped to just 102 liters per person. 2011 shows signs of being even lower. That has German brewers worried and considering making some moves that are definitely out of character for the conservative nation.
What's behind the dramatic shift in drinking? Germany's aging population is one of the reasons. There are fewer and fewer young people in Germany, and older Germans favor drinking something different - coffee and tea have developed an enormous following there. The reduction in beer consumption seems to come directly from the reduction in working hours for the nation as a whole.
Shifting drinking habits have played a major role as well. More and more people are opting for nonalcoholic drinks on the whole (less wine and liquor, as well as less beer). Lifestyle changes are also shaping the German beer industry - fewer people head to the bar after work for a beer with friends. More people are heading home to have coffee, tea or water with their families.
Finally, Germany might also be suffering from a "too many options" syndrome. For instance, there are almost 1,400 breweries operating in the country, and consumers can choose from more than 5,000 different types of beer. That makes it hard for any one brand to gain an edge over another one.
What's Germany Doing About It?
The declining situation for German brewers begs the question, "what's being done about it?" The answer to that question might just surprise you. In fact, it looks as though many German brewers are considering the unthinkable - exporting their brews to America. For those Americans who enjoy German beers, the lack of quality options on the American market has been significant. German brewers were loath to export across the Atlantic mostly because American drinkers have usually preferred beer with little taste and body. However, with the growth th e craft beer movement, that's changing and doing so rather quickly. The average American drinker today is far more likely to take a chance on an imported German brew than what would have been possible even a few years ago.
What Do Americans Say?
What do American drinkers have to say about the potential German invasion? Actually, there's a lot of anticipation from drinkers and brewers alike. Craft brewers welcome the enrichment, history and culture that German brews represent. Most beers from Germany are brewed according to standards laid down in the 1500s - the oldest of their kind still being used in the world. That certainly represents an enormous amount of history, as well as dedication to quality, flavor and purity.
While American craft brewers might not adhere strictly to German brewing traditions, they do recognize that the country's beers are a far cry from what Americans had access to prior to the rise of craft brews. In fact, there has never been a more welcoming environment for Germany's brews than what can be found today in the US. More and more drinkers are demanding innovation, a fresh approach to brewing and inventiveness. Craft brewers in the US can provide this, but there's plenty of room for other companies and German brewers interested in exporting their products might just find that it's an incredibly lucrative venture.
Will It Happen?
You might think that in order to avoid financial stagnation and eventual ruin, German brewers would be eager to get their brews into the hands of American drinkers. While some certainly are, there are more that view the situation with quite a bit of skepticism. It's difficult to find a country with more conservative views than Germany and in the world of brewing more so than any other area.
While it might make economic sense to export their products to the US and other nations, quite a few brewers are leery of taking that plunge, simply for the shift away fro m tradition that it represents.
The Bottom Line
So, what's the bottom line here? Will the US see an influx of new German brews to add even more selection to options available for US drinkers? Maybe, maybe not - only time will tell. Much of that question hinges on whether or not brewers are able to make an impact on the current trends within their own nation. There's a lot of sense to selling their brews at home. Export costs are only one factor in the equation. Still, chances are good that as the economic troubles Europe faces continue to worsen, more brewers will show an interest in getting their beer across the ocean to the hands of drinkers interested in seeing what German brewing tradition can really produce.
In the meantime, there's no shortage of innovative, inventive options for those with a taste for adventure. American craft brewers have developed a global reputation for creating unique, interesting brews and there's never been a better time than n ow to get out there and see what's on offer.
Poto Cervesia,
Dustin Canestorp
Dustin Canestorp is the Founder and General of the Beer Army. Join the ranks of the Beer Army at Take a stand and let the world know your position. If you are going to drink, drink BEER!

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Best Pubs in London for Sports

I made the splash over the pond last year, moving from my beloved New York City to London. I have always had a special place for London in my heart and when the opportunity came to work in London I could not turn it down.
There are many things that I looked forward to exploring in London, and of course all the museums and famous landmarks were high up on the list but finding a good sports bar in London was certainly the main priority. I am a huge sports fan, I love my American sports, including American Football and Baseball, and so a sport bar in London that showed American sports was essential. I was also keen to embrace the British sports on offer, I was determined to give Cricket a go, and have always followed the English premier league.
After digging around on the internet it became clear that there were plenty of options for sports bars in London. The most famous and prominent one I came across appeared to be The Sports Cafe in Haymarket. I spoke to a few Londoner's and it definitely came recommended so I thought I would try it out first for American Football. The New England Patriots were playing the New York Jets, quite a fierce rivalry, so this was a perfect game to watch in a bar for the atmosphere. Sure enough the Sports Cafe was showing this on the big screen and boy was I impressed with this sports bar. There are TV screens dotted all over the bar, the decor is dedicated to sports, even with a model F1 car, so you walk in knowing that if there is a big sports event on then this London bar sure will have it showing.
There were lots of American Football fans there watching the game and it was great to have table service where we could sit down, enjoy the game and order plenty of beer and a bit of food. The menu is classic American, so lots of Burgers, sandwiches and Chicken wings! After talking to the staff here I also determined that this was truly a 24/7 sports bar as they show live sports all through the ni ght if there is a big game on. For example Cricket fans flock here for the Ashes games between England and Australia so if you are out partying on want to finish the night off in London with sports then this is the place to go.
After the sports bar I was after something a bit more local and authentic as it was definitely more of an American style sports bar. I spoke to a few work colleagues and discovered there were plenty of traditional London pubs showing sports.
The best by far that I came across was The Three Kings in Kensington. This is another dedicated sports bar in London but its set in a huge pub with dedicated zones depending on what game is on, so you might have a bunch of rugby fans crammed in the front room cheering on their team, and then a load of football fans in another area watching the multiple screens. The atmosphere is electric in here with plenty of singing and has fast become one of my favourite bars in London to watch sport.
A few gr eat sports bars in London include the Jetlag bar in central London which has comfy sofas and a nice relaxed atmosphere for watching the games. I also really like The Roxy in London Bridge which doubles up as a cinema in the evenings so this a pretty cool place to watch the Rugby in particular. If you want lively atmosphere then The Clapham Grand is a fantastic setting as it's an old theatre so you can sit back with over 1,200 people and watch on one of the biggest sports screens I have ever seen!
As you can see there are plenty of options for sports bars in London so I hope you enjoy some of these.
Dylan franks is a born and bred Londoner, dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge of London pubs, bars and club with the world. For more London sports bars recommendations, check out his site

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