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I'm not much of an inventor. If I were I'd be a billionaire by now. Of course, I have gotten a good bit of emails from just about every dying dignitary from South Africa and every online UK Lottery. I should be a billionaire by now.

Anyway, if I were an inventor I could have added quite a bit of beer accessories to the beer community. I have always had ideas since I had my first drink. If it made drinking easier or if it made drinking more fun, I have developed quite a few ideas over the years. But, my best ideas were sparked by the common ones most beer enthusiasts share.

Beer Taps on the Bed Post

I think most every beer enthusiast has had the dream at one time of having beer taps on the bed post. It's possible with a kegerator and some beer pumps these days. But back in my day, it wasn't that easy. People had no idea how they were going to get beer nozzles or beer handles on the bed posts and keep the beer cold that ran through them. The equipment wasn't as easy to get as it is now.

I guess we were thinking we would run hoses behind the bed and connect them to nozzles. My idea was to have the keg behind the wall, which is common in most of my ideas. But, it has always been a good idea. Oh no, not at all, it is not an original idea of mine. Like I said, I think we've all had that one.

Beer Taps on the Refrigerator

Another idea we've all had is the beer taps on the refrigerator. The same concept, we were trying to figure out how to get the beer taps on the doors. Just remember, the equipment was not as easy to get in those days. Now, a simple refrigerator convertor will handle the job. Put the keg in the refrigerator, drill a hole through the door for the beer tap handle and you've got yourself a homemade kegerator.

The New Ideas

Once you brush through some basic concepts, it gets really interesting what ideas you come up with for the rest of your home. I love the idea of finding beer tap handles in the most unique places around the house. But, at one time they were just beer tap handles. I couldn't afford a keg to be connected to each one in those days. But, I did have an affinity for beer tap handles all over my walls.

The pantry in the kitchen makes a great place for a kegerator and the beer tap handle can come through the wall just about at eye level. That's a classy idea. The closet in the den is another place for a kegerator. Also, the garage is another great place. But, you'd have to find some crawl space where you can build a door for the kegerator. Then again, it depends on the layout of your garage. Just use your imagination and you've got free flowing beer where you work on your car.

Now, take those ideas a bit further and before long you're a beer genius. Put a keg at the pool? No, build an outdoor grill with brick and make a kegerator enclosure for your beer drinkers. Where else could that idea go? How about on the back porch? The patio? The backyard? Anywhere you want a grill and beer tap combination, build yourself a brick structure to hold the grate for the grill and the kegerator for the beer.

So, those aren't necessarily inventions. But, they are ideas that help you work on your home bar atmosphere. You can either have a bar in a room somewhere around your home or you can have a bar in every room of your home. Do it with style and you'll get a great deal of kudos from your friends and family.

Stan Schubridge is a beer enthusiast who loves tasting new beers and attending beer events. Staying up to date on new innovations in beer and beer products keeps Stan on top of the beer world. You can read a great deal about beer and what Stan has found by visiting the Learning Center and other pages at

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