Zirndorfer German Landbier

A review based on my most recent tasting of this German helles lager shortly past midnight on 1st January 2010. It was my first beer of the year 2010!

Zirndorfer's appearance is copper with a decent head (kind of a yeasty coating on top and good crowing around the glass). The flavour is dominated by malt, with lots of malt in the aftertaste, some toffee and maize. Because of the hint of maize, I actually thought this was a dortmunder beer.

There is some pleasant toffee in the aroma and also on the palate. It is a medium sweet German ale with quite a mild texture. There isn't a lot of fizz to it, but its nice and full-bodied. It was bought from Beers of Europe (Kings Lynn), and I actually ordered the Landweizen beer, but this one came instead (previous tasting was two years previously). Oh well, at least it's quite a rarety. I'd like to try other beers from Zirndorfer, but can't seem to.

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